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 From Sutton Bank, North YorkshireCherry Blossom boughsView from Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire 

 Welcome to Trevor Pittaway


About the Artist:

Trevor war born in Long Drax, Yorkshire and studied at Doncaster School of Art and Leeds College of Art; Later completing a Master of Arts in Printmaking from the University of Bradford. 

Trevor is a Member of Leeds Fine Artists and the Dewsbury Artists Group and an invited member at Holmfirth Art Week in Yorkshire.


From the Artist:

My work is a contemporary comment on the timeless beauty of the natural landscape and the built environment of Europe; a world that is preserved yet ever changing.


Inspirations for my work range from the historic architecture of Venice to the English country landscape.


My aim is to create lucid atmospheric set of works that are directly drawn from primary as well as secondary source materials. These works then become a direct comment on my changing view of landscape and it's timeless as well as fragile qualities.


My approach to subject is varied, so too is my application in creating the work; my approach takes many routes using a variety of skills and techniques including oil, acrylic and watercolour.

The paintings are often shaped by my interest in photography and using new technologies; where most recently I have used an i-pad to create new experimental works. I like the contrast of working on the lumious surface of the i-pad, with the more traditional media I use.